domingo, 11 de marzo de 2018

New in Class

+ Are you new un class?
-Yes, I am 
+ Do you like sports?
-Yes, I do. I like playing basketball and football.
+ Do you like painting pictures? 
-No, I don’t. I hate painting pictures.
+ What’s yout favourite activity?
-I love learning languges?
+ What do you hate?
-I hate studying science


Man  steals £ 65.000 necklace - Tell police he borrow it.

A man stole £ 65.000 necklace - and he told the police he borrowed it.

Yesterday, Peter Romero stole a necklace value around £ 65.000 in a jelwery shop near the Buckinghan Palace. Peter told the police he borrowed it, because he wanted for his girlfriend. He entered in the provisional prison immediately. Mr Romero didn’t santos to speak to the press. The agent Danny Williams laughed at this theft. 
What do you think?


London is a famous holiday city in United Kingdom, in the south of England. It's too easy to get there by plane, train or ship. Usually, the climate is ideal.

London is an amazing place to visit. There aren't any beaches but there is a river, the river Thames. There are many shops and restaurants. You can see the Big Ben, it is a clock located on the northwest next to the Palace of Westminster. As well, you can the eye of London, a big fair ferris wheel near the Thames.

A holiday in London can be fantastic and amazing. I want to go there. It is my dream. So, this summer, take a trip to London.

Lobres is less elegant and glamorous than London. London is bigger than Lobres. Lobres is safer than London.

Giving Directions & Getting Informations

+ Hello, Johana! I'm Lobres, at the entrance of the town, but I don't know how  to go to your house.
-Okey, don't worry. I'll guide you. 
+ Thank you!
-You must turn right and you must see a square.
+ Yes, I see a square.
-Well, go straight on turn left. What do you see now?
+Hmm... I see a bar. I will go straight on.
-And now you can choose two roads.
+ I will turn left.
-You must go straight on and turn right.
+ Now, I'm seeying your house.

-Very good, I am going to open the door.


Johana says:

We went to Granada for extraordinary holidays. On the first day we went to Sierra Nevada. We skied on the snow. It was fantastic. On the second day we went to the musulman monument "Alhambra". The courtyard of the Lions  is the most beautiful in Granada. On the third day we return to New York. I wanted to go to Paris, but Granada is less expensive than Paris. Paris is more beautiful than Granada. Granada is smaller than Paris. I think that Paris is as ideal as Granada. 

domingo, 21 de enero de 2018

Making Recommendations

+ Hello, Anna! Can you recomendaciones a book for me to read?
- Of Course! Whas type Of books do you like?
+ I like mistery books.
- One moment. Mmm... Then you must read "Murder in the Calais Coach" I think that this book is so interesting.
+What's It about?
- It's about a Murder in a train and all passengers are now suspects. They must find the killer.
+ It seems amazing. I can go to the library to read the book right now. Thank you, Anna!
-You're welcome. Enjoy It, Richard!

sábado, 9 de diciembre de 2017

My Phone

Yes,I have got a smartphone. I get my present phone is November of the last year, 2016. I don't know how much cost my phone at the present because the phone’s price goes down over time. I usually use my phone around four hours a day. I use my phone to search information and communicate with my friends and family. It isn't heavy. It weights 144 grams and it's white. It is one year and a month old. Actually a phone is an important resource in this world. It wasn't a Christmas gift.